The "Daisy88" Sexy Interview of CAMILA_90

Interview date: 06-11-2009
Nick: camila_90
City: Milano
Age: 23

RIV: How did you hear about RIVfetish and why did you decide to put your contacts up for sale?
CAMILA_90: I found it on the internet by chance and since I’m a girl that loves transgression and innovation and I love meeting new and different people who stimulate me and excite me I jumped at this adventure.
RIV: Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?
CAMILA_90: Sure, I’ve always been since I was a little girl.
RIV: Describe your bedroom.
CAMILA_90: Full of sexy and provocative lingerie because I like being simple but at the same time always exciting.
RIV: How do you usually dress in your daily life?
CAMILA_90: I like miniskirts and since I’m from a hot country I don't like being covered. I like feeling eyes on me.
RIV: Do you use a lot of makeup?
CAMILA_90: No, I don’t need any. I can enhance my beauty better through simplicity.
RIV: How high are your heels?
CAMILA_90: 10
RIV: What's your favorite kind of lingerie?
CAMILA_90: Always thongs and a push-up bra, sometimes a corset, I love them.
RIV: What part of your body do you like most and what would you like to change?
CAMILA_90: My bottom is the part of my body that men die for when they look at me. I might do a nose job, but there's time for that.
RIV: What makes you mad?
CAMILA_90: Men who don’t know what they want.
RIV: How do people make you happy?
CAMILA_90: Making fantastic love. :-)
RIV: What cliché bothers you the most?
CAMILA_90: That all girls are sluts.
RIV: What would you never give up?
CAMILA_90: Sex.
RIV: What kind of places do you hang out in?
CAMILA_90: Swingers’ clubs and night clubs with friends….then dance clubs that are in at the moment around the Riviera.
RIV: Have you ever been to privè clubs?
CAMILA_90: Sure.
RIV: Tell us about a craving you recently satisfied.
CAMILA_90: Making love on a train.
RIV: You go to a deserted island: what three things can you not be separated with ever (men excluded).
CAMILA_90: My thong, the pill, my hair drier
RIV: How would you define transgression?
CAMILA_90: Doing what you want most deep down inside
RIV: How old were you when you did it for the first time?
CAMILA_90: 16
RIV: What’s the weirdest place where you made love?
CAMILA_90: In the cellar of an apartment building
RIV: Where do you dream of doing it?
CAMILA_90: On a plane
RIV: Have you ever had a lesbian experience?
CAMILA_90: Yes, and I like it, I like straight sex more though
RIV: What are your sexual fantasies? Is there a particular fantasy that has never come true?
CAMILA_90: Doing it with 4 men, I’ve never done that.
RIV: What is your ideal man?
CAMILA_90: Hot, sensual, determined, tall, dark hair, muscular, and never gets tired.
RIV: Do you prefer a man in boxers or briefs?
CAMILA_90: boxers
RIV: What does a man have to do to attract your attention? And if he asks you out what would you like him to arrange for you?
CAMILA_90: He has to smile and know that he wants me, I would like him to organize a dream dinner in a beautiful restaurant.
RIV: What is your main weapon for seducing a man?
CAMILA_90: My bottom, and it always works.
RIV: How do you dress if you want to be really provocative?
CAMILA_90: A corset, miniskirt, fishnet stockings.
RIV: What makes you excited?
CAMILA_90: Preliminaries.
RIV: What’s your favorite position?
CAMILA_90: Doggie style
RIV: What’s your favorite preliminary?
CAMILA_90: When he drives me crazy with his mouth.
RIV: And what do you like doing?
CAMILA_90: Licking everything.
RIV: Do you dominate in bed or do you let yourself be dominated?
CAMILA_90: I always dominate.
RIV: Does size matter in sex?
CAMILA_90: No, not much.
RIV: When did you last make love?
CAMILA_90: A little while ago.
RIV: Do you use “toys” during sex?
CAMILA_90: Sometimes
RIV: What do your neighbors say about you?
CAMILA_90: A good girl, the classic nice little girl next-door.
RIV: Have you ever had a threesome?
CAMILA_90: Once, yes, woooowwww.
RIV: Have you ever met somebody in person that you met online?
CAMILA_90: Yeah, sure.
RIV: Do your friends know what you do online?
CAMILA_90: They don’t know.
RIV: Is it true that there are lots of people who would like to see you wearing a t-shirt with the RIVfetish logo on your breast? :-)
CAMILA_90: Sure, it’s true.
RIV: Let’s get your fans excited: where are you going on vacation this summer?
CAMILA_90: To Rimini like every year, I look forward to seeing you there.