The "timidabamboletta" Sexy Interview of BAMBOLETTA87

Interview date: 06-11-2009
City: Milano
Age: 36

RIV: How did you hear about RIVfetish and why did you decide to put your contacts up for sale?
BAMBOLETTA87: I found RIV through a link from another site and obviously I put myself up for sale for money. :)
RIV: Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?
BAMBOLETTA87: I’m an exhibitionist, even though I’m shy.
RIV: Describe your bedroom.
BAMBOLETTA87: Which room?!
RIV: How do you usually dress in your daily life?
BAMBOLETTA87: Casual, and if I’m going out with a man I wear something sexy.
RIV: Do you use a lot of makeup?
BAMBOLETTA87: I don’t need makeup, that’s what I'm told everyday, but once in a while I wear makeup to enhance my face and eyes.
RIV: How high are your heels?
BAMBOLETTA87: Heels are for short girls.
RIV: What's your favorite kind of lingerie?
BAMBOLETTA87: I look good in everything. Briefs…
RIV: What part of your body do you like most and what would you like to change?
BAMBOLETTA87: My favorite parts are my eyes, lips, hair, bottom, legs, breasts, thighs, neck. I’d change my skin, too delicate.
RIV: What makes you mad?
BAMBOLETTA87: I don’t know which I hate more, spoiled people or stupid people.
RIV: How do people make you happy?
BAMBOLETTA87: I’m trying to find out.
RIV: What cliché bothers you the most?
BAMBOLETTA87: Russians are communists.
RIV: What would you never give up?
RIV: What kind of places do you hang out in?
BAMBOLETTA87: Dive bars.
RIV: Have you ever been to privè clubs?
BAMBOLETTA87: Even if I was just born yesterday I have become a regular at privè clubs.
RIV: Tell us about a craving you recently satisfied.
BAMBOLETTA87: I’ve never satisfied my cravings.
RIV: You go to a deserted island: what three things can you not be separated with ever (men excluded).
BAMBOLETTA87: My dog, rabbit and beer.
RIV: How would you define transgression?
BAMBOLETTA87: What I’ve done.
RIV: How old were you when you did it for the first time?
RIV: What’s the weirdest place where you made love?
BAMBOLETTA87: In a public park inside a jungle gym.
RIV: Where do you dream of doing it?
BAMBOLETTA87: It doesn’t matter where.
RIV: Have you ever had a lesbian experience?
BAMBOLETTA87: Certainly!!
RIV: What are your sexual fantasies? Is there a particular fantasy that has never come true?
BAMBOLETTA87: Nobody will know except for me.
RIV: What is your ideal man?
RIV: Do you prefer a man in boxers or briefs?
BAMBOLETTA87: boxers
RIV: What does a man have to do to attract your attention? And if he asks you out what would you like him to arrange for you?
BAMBOLETTA87: I’ll know. He won't need to arrange anything.
RIV: What is your main weapon for seducing a man?
BAMBOLETTA87: As if I would tell you!
RIV: How do you dress if you want to be really provocative?
BAMBOLETTA87: High heels plus a super miniskirt or tight leggings.
RIV: What makes you excited?
RIV: What’s your favorite position?
RIV: What’s your favorite preliminary?
BAMBOLETTA87: Caresses. :)
RIV: And what do you like doing?
BAMBOLETTA87: Touching the tool.
RIV: Do you dominate in bed or do you let yourself be dominated?
BAMBOLETTA87: The latter.
RIV: Does size matter in sex?
RIV: When did you last make love?
BAMBOLETTA87: This afternoon.
RIV: Do you use “toys” during sex?
RIV: What do your neighbors say about you?
BAMBOLETTA87: I don’t even know them.
RIV: Have you ever had a threesome?
RIV: Have you ever met somebody in person that you met online?
BAMBOLETTA87: I loved him.
RIV: Do your friends know what you do online?
BAMBOLETTA87: What friends.
RIV: Is it true that there are lots of people who would like to see you wearing a t-shirt with the RIVfetish logo on your breast? :-)
BAMBOLETTA87: I really don’t think so.
RIV: Let’s get your fans excited: where are you going on vacation this summer?
BAMBOLETTA87: Wherever they sponsor me.